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Child Custody

What is joint custody? What is sole custody? And what is meant by parenting time or visitation under Oregon Law?


There are three types of Alimony, Spousal Support – See which one pertains to your situation, and how Michael can help.

Driving Offenses

Need content from Michael.


Need content from Michael.

What people think of Michael W Seidel Law

Mike helped in gaining custody of my two children. As a father serving in the Army, this was by no means a slam-dunk custody case. Mike was very organized and prepared during the custody hearing. Today, my boys are living in a healthy environment thanks to Mike and his team. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone seeking custody of their children.

I have used Mike for a very long time and all I can say is he is worth every dollar you might spend.
I can only say I would never give up my relationship with Mike he always has my back. I can Trust he will always do the right thing for me. I have used Mr Seidel for many situations and he always works very hard for the client.

Working with Seidel through a divorce was as good as it gets. He always maintained a respectful and civil demeanor with the other party and did not participate in mudslinging theatrics. Through his guidance and knowledge I learned to differentiate between issues that were negotiable and issues that required no budging. Divorce is never pleasant in and of itself, working with your attorney however should be. I fully recommend Seidel as a man of integrity.

Michael Seidel is a well educated, excellent lawyer! I’ve never been in trouble with the law, but I had a BAD lady file 2 false charges against me which caused me to be falsely arrested. However when we went to court, Michael was able to win my case(s) & prove to the Judge that I had done NOTHING wrong, and therefore I still have a clean record & no criminal history. Thank you Michael Seidel!!

Michael W Seidel

A Real Lawyer for Real People with Real Problems

A Real Criminal Defense and Family Lawyer
I’m not a stuffed shirt. I always tell my clients the truth even though it may be bad news. I know how things work in the real world, in addition to the courtroom. I promise I will treat you with compassion and understanding. I also will treat everyone else with compassion and understanding, including the opposing party and their lawyer. If you want a shark who will be rude and cruel to the other side, look for someone else. I fight for you, be it for Child Custody, Alimony, DUII, a Driving Offense, etc. — But do so civilly and respectfully. You can usually catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.
For Real People in Central Oregon
I don’t represent corporations. I don’t represent the government. I represent people like you; mothers, fathers, grandparents in Central Oregon from Mardras to Redmond, to Bend, to LaPine. I represent real people who get caught up in bad situations who need someone to be on their side and are seeking Family Law or Criminal Defense assitance. I represent people who are falsely accused of crimes that they didn’t do and I represent people accused of crimes they did do. From a Sex Offense to a Drug Offense, I represent people who made mistakes and who need a little, or a lot of help.
With Real Legal Problems
I represent parents who are fighting for their children, grandparents who need to protect their grandchildren. I represent individuals fighting for Alimony, Spousal Support after years of marriage. I represent people charged with DUII, misdemeanors, felonies, drug or sex crimes. These are all real problems. I don’t help corporations write their bylaws. I don’t defend insurance companies. I don’t draft legislation for the government. I help real people like you with the most important issues in your life: protecting your family and your freedom.


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