Alimony, Spousal Support

In Oregon Alimony, Spousal Support can be awarded in certain cases.

There are three types of Alimony, Spousal Support

Transitional Alimony, Spousal Support is designed to assist a spouse to obtain education and training necessary to allow the party to prepare for reentry into the job market or advancement in the work force.  In determining transitional spousal support, the court will consider the duration of the marriage, a party’s training and employment skills, a party’s work experience, the financial needs and resources of each party, the tax consequences to each party and a party’s custodial and child support responsibilities.

Alimony Spousal SupportCompensatory Alimony, Spousal Support: a court may order compensatory spousal support when it finds that one party has made a significant financial or other contribution to the education, training, vocational skills, career or earning capacity of the other party.  In determining whether or not to award compensatory spousal support a court will consider the amount, duration and nature of the contribution, the duration of the marriage, the relative earnings and earning capacity of the parties and the extent to which the martial estate has already benefitted from the contribution.

The last category of Alimony, Spousal Support is Spousal Maintenance:

A court may order spousal maintenance for either a specified or an indefinite time.  The court will consider the following factors:  The duration of the marriage, age of the parties, health of the parties, including their physical mental, and emotional condition, the standard of living during the duration of the marriage, the relative income and earing capacity of the parties, parties training and employment skills, a parties work experience, the financial needs and resources of each party and the task consequences of each party.

As you can see there are many considerations regarding what type of Alimony, Spousal Support may be appropriate and the amount that must be considered in any case.  It takes experience and expertise to evaluate a spousal support case.

It is not true that only men pay child support to their wives; there are many Oregon cases in which wives have been ordered to pay spousal support to ex-husbands.  If you live in Bend, Prineville, or any region of Central Oregon and think you need help with Alimony, Spousal Support, or would simply like to set up an initial consultation with an experienced attorney, please contact me.