I was so frightened and vulnerable. I was traumatized by a car accident and although I was not sited as being the party at fault, the other party involved was ‘out for blood’. Mike coordinated my legal care, responding to numerous lawyers the other party kept trying to bring on board and running interference with […]


Michael Seidel is a well educated, excellent lawyer! I’ve never been in trouble with the law, but I had a BAD lady file 2 false charges against me which caused me to be falsely arrested. However when we went to court, Michael was able to win my case(s) & prove to the Judge that I […]


Working with Seidel through a divorce was as good as it gets. He always maintained a respectful and civil demeanor with the other party and did not participate in mudslinging theatrics. Through his guidance and knowledge I learned to differentiate between issues that were negotiable and issues that required no budging. Divorce is never pleasant […]


I have used Mike for a very long time and all I can say is he is worth every dollar you might spend. I can only say I would never give up my relationship with Mike he always has my back. I can Trust he will always do the right thing for me. I have […]


Mike helped in gaining custody of my two children. As a father serving in the Army, this was by no means a slam-dunk custody case. Mike was very organized and prepared during the custody hearing. Today, my boys are living in a healthy environment thanks to Mike and his team. I would absolutely recommend his […]